Give us a call at or email and tell us what you’d like to do. If you prefer, you can fill our our quick adventure request form to get the ball rolling.

Let us know:

  • when you’ll be in our area and what you’d like to do and where you’d like to go,
  • how much time you have available (we can arrange for as little as a few hours or as much as a few days),
  • how big your group is, the ages of the group members and general fitness level of each, and
  • any other info that you think we should know about you to get started.

We’ll put some initial ideas down on paper and get back to you with a basic outline. Then, together, we can work out the details and soon you’ll be here and enjoying a great ride with us.

Why a guided adventure with us is so great!

Getting to know each other:

  • you tell us about yourself and your group and we’ll listen
  • you tell us what you want to do and we’ll plan
  • together we’ll arrange your adventure to suit your needs

Personal service:

  • we get all the equipment and have everything ready at the meeting point
  • we make sure you have all the right gear for your adventure and potential changing weather conditions (we’ll check our gear and yours)
  • we shuttle everyone to the tour start point if it’s not the same as the meeting point
  • we guide along the route and make sure you’re safe and having a great time
  • we pick you up at the end point and shuttle you back to the meeting point if necessary

Learning and having fun:

  • our guides will show you good techniques for riding, climbing and snowshoeing and help you improve your outdoor skills
  • our guides will tell you many interesting facts about the area
  • you’ll learn a about the geology, fauna, flora and history of the area
  • we’ll show you spectacular lookouts, cool watering holes, historic venues, or notable points of interest along the way
  • we’ll give you a route map and guide sheet with the information you’ll learn about along your route to take home to show your family and friends
  • we’ll supply a yummy snack pack (and meals for longer tours) including some organic, locally grown and homemade goodies to keep you fueled along the way or at the end, depending on the length of the ride
  • you’ll learn how to become acclimatized to higher elevations and what to do to make your adventure up here safer and easier

Comfort and safety

  • we’ll make sure that the equipment and gear is the right size and set up correctly for you
  • our guides will help you along the way and make gear adjustments if needed
  • our guides will carry a first aid kit to patch up any scrapes or scratches or wrap any sprains or strains
  • we’ll have access to emergency assistance and help will never be too far away
  • ALL OUR GUIDES are certified Wilderness First Responders and IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) trained and certified.

With us you’ll do more, see more, learn more and have way more fun!