Sierra Adventure Center is a subsidiary of Sierra Mountain Center, California’s premier mountain school and guide service. With over 30 years of guiding in the Eastern Sierra we know our ‘big backyard’ better than anyone. There are few working guides who know the Sierra as well as we do, from the popular trails of the Sierra to the little-known places we have been exploring for years, we know more and can show you more than anyone else.

Located in Bishop, California, Sierra Adventure Center offers guided bicycle tours, snowshoeing, rock climbing and floating on the Owens River. All you need is a few hours, a desire to enjoy the outdoors, and a minimal level of fitness and we’ll take you and your whole family on an amazing adventure.

Our groups are small with low guide to participant ratios as large groups can detract from the adventure and learning process. We work to keep ratios as small as practical, and our small groups give you more of what you came for: biking, snowshoeing, climbing, floating and exploring the Eastern Sierra.

Training & Certifications

We feel strongly that training as well as experience is key to a guide’s development as a professional. We value the expertise that years of cycling, climbing and snow sports has brought to our guiding but we also recognize that training and evaluation by peers are necessary before one can truly be called a “professional”. Therefore we require our guides to show a commitment to their profession by attending courses and achieving certifications in the disciplines for which they guide.

In addition to this we also require our guides to be trained and certified in wilderness medicine. Our tours are often conducted in remote locations and as Wilderness First Responders our guides are trained to make critical medical and evacuation decisions.

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