Buttermilks Bouldering


Duration: 4 hours
Rating: Easy – Strenuous (What does this mean? Click HERE to find out.)
Logistics: A very short walk from parking area to boulders.


Scheduled Adventure

  • Sunday, June 21st: 3pm – 7pm   Father’s Day!

Custom Adventures:

Best from fall to early spring during with winter being wonderful during the warmer middle part of the day. From early spring to early fall the late afternoon is best. If you’re really heat averse be cautious during the hottest months of July and August.


15 Miles west from the center of Bishop, with 7.3 miles of dirt road on Buttermilk rd to parking areas just yards away from numerous boulder clusters and Buttermilk Hill.


Great for beginners and experienced climbers. Learn the basics of bouldering, practice problems and just have a great day of super rock fun. Great for the whole family. Little ones too!

How many?

Scheduled adventure group sizes:

  • 6 – 12 climbers

Custom adventure groups sizes:

  • 1 – 12 climbers

One guide per 6 climbers on all our adventures.

How much?

Scheduled adventures:

  • $99 per person (minimum group size of 6 climbers)

Custom adventure groups:

  • Per person rate based on group size (up to a maximum of 12 climbers)

Includes: climbing gear, climbing guide, snacks & picnic!
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