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Lower Rock Creek

This is one of the best rides in the Eastern Sierra. It has a little bit of everything – fast, sweeping turns, rocks and roots to negotiate, overhanging tree arbors, steep-sided canyon walls, a talus field, and a swift stream with low, wooden bridge crossings. With three sections, each getting progressively more difficult, you can […]

Lower Rock Creek image Andy

Sand Canyon

Ride high! Above 10,000 feet above sea level (ASL). Start out at 9,700 feet ASL at Rock Creek Lake and make your way – riding, pushing and perhaps carrying your bike – up to 10,200 ASL. Look down on Rock Creek Canyon to your left and up to Wheeler Ridge that rises yet higher above to […]

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Wagon Wheels to Paradise

Ride in the historic tracks cut in the Bishop Tuff by the mule trains hauling mineral rich ore from the mines almost 100 years ago. Weave down along a narrow, sandy canyon from Swall Meadows for about a mile then out onto a wide bluff that drops down 1,000 feet in 3.5 miles. It’s downhill […]

Wagon Wheel trail to Paradise

Owens River Meander

Take a leisurely, guided ride along the banks of the Owens River. This life-giving river creates a verdant path in a hot, arid landscape that nourishes the fauna and flora of the high desert. See red tail hawks soar above the plain and great blue herons rise languidly from the tall reeds along the banks. […]

Owens River Meander

Crowley Lake Columns

The low lake level of recent years has exposed this phenomenal feature. During the many years prior the lake waters cut into the chalk bluff and sculpted these columns of porous rock that are reminiscent of ancient Greek and Roman temples. Now exposed we’ll bike and hike along the beach to reach this magical spot that mother […]

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